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Cry Me a River, Emails

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Or: Why You Should NEVER Make Robots Fake Sincerity

While helping a friend construct a website, I signed up for Weebly. I didn’t even have a website, I was just a collaborator. I didn’t want anything to do with Weebly. For some reason, she began getting uncomfortably clingy. Look at this as an example of how to creep out your customers.

Complicated or Other Kind of Complicated?

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I make a lot of choices while working on a project, mostly a large collection of tiny architectural choices that will impact how I build my applications. The words simple and complicated, I’ve found, are very deceptive blanket statements. Sometimes, I have to trade off different kinds of complexity that add upp to the greatest efficiency versus smallest amount of frustration.

Why Octopress?

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I could have just tossed a WordPress installation up somewhere. It probably would have taken less time to set up. But I’m not a big fan of WordPress. I’m not a big fan of anything that needs extra plugins to be reasonably secure. I like fast and simple. AND NOW HERE I AM.

Preeow, Universe.

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I’ve heard that one of the big things that separates mediocre programmers from good ones is blog writing. Participation in the open source scene is huge as well, but getting people to listen to you is eye-opening and empowering. At least, I feel that it is. Sharing of information is what makes the Web remarkable. If I have things to contribute, I think I should get them out there.