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Four Triangles

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My professional identity has been through many iterations, one of which demanded a better logo. A simpler logo. A logo that would guide my journey to becomeing a mastermind.

Or, I dunno, I just got sick of my old one. Here’s how it went.

When I first spiffed up a logo, it was wicked nasty.


It served me well for a couple of years when I did work in high school and before my startup experience. But at the beginning of 2012 it was in need of a refresh. I tried to remove as much extra detail as possible. I tried a few logos before thinking about the absolute fewest things I would need. The polygon with the fewest sides, the triangle, and the fewest triangles necessary. Which turned out to be four.

People sometimes tell me that they don’t see a Z and a W right away. I’m okay with that. I like that it’s a little abstract.

Threw this fiddle together to show the four simple shapes and give them some attitude. This drifting logo sat on the homepage of zerilliworks.net while the blog was under construction.

You can mouse over or tap on them to get them back in line. Cheeky bastards. You can also see the original under construction page here. The drifting triangles take a while to manifest, they were more of an easter egg.