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My name is Armand Zerilli, and I am a programmer. Maybe you are too. I don’t know, I can’t see your face from here.

Here I am in Ithaca, New York, hiding out in one of the trendy cafes, of which, I hear, we have more per capita than New York City. From time to time, I produce workable code for web sites and such. Sometimes it’s even useful. I’m transitioning from hobbyist to professional, and this blog should reflect it.

I was once a terrific introvert, and I’ve fired up this blog to write about my thoughts as I hopefully become a better person. At least, better at the trade I have chosen.

There are two essential kinds of content on this blog: Serious and Otherwise. Peruse the words I curate and arrange at your leisure.

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I love the web software industry, enough to expose my soft, squishy underbelly to the Internet and hope for the best. There’s also a fair amount of striving and take-holding of destinies, but it’s all in the name of self-improvement and learning.

Seriously, thanks for taking the time to read what I write. If you feel like getting in touch, you can tweet at @zerilliworks or email me. (it’s my first name at this domain, zerilliworks.net)

Preeow, World.